Security Systems

Security Systems

The Integrated Security Management Systems group in Garnet technologies assists the customers to work through intricate business and technology issues to provide a sincere approach to security systems. The team brings in deep technology skills and industry knowledge to the organization and work closely to design and implement a security solution that is aligned with the client’s business objectives.

In the world of E-business, Garnet technologies is committed to demonstrating how security can improve the customers’ trust in the client. Security initiatives, when executed with business goals in mind, can decrease risk, reduce costs, improve productivity, increase availability and allow rich and secure interaction with employees, business partners, and customers. We provide a variety of integrated security management systems & solutions to elevate security and harden the infrastructure. The security team is keen to leverage protection and safeguard the assets from intruders.

Access Control

It is the ability to permit or deny the use of a particular resource by a particular entity. Access control mechanisms can be used in managing physical, logical or digital resources. Garnet technology offers secure authentication, encryption & more to aid in your safekeeping.

Dockside/ Harbour Security

  • Vessel Identification (AIS) and Tracking
  • Above Surface Radar Systems
  • Swimmer Detection (Subsurface Intrusion)
  • Underwater Inspection Systems (ROV/Sonar)
  • Surveillance & Reconnaissance Systems
  • Entry / Access Control Systems
  • Cargo and Personnel Inspection Systems
  • Visitor / Vehicle Registration Centres