Facility Management

A Leader in Energy Efficiency


A Leader in Energy Efficiency

Granlund acts as a consultant in engineering, real estate, energy, environment  and software, whose expertise is focused on energy efficiency.

Granlund is the leading player in Finland invested in developing new energy solutions, software supporting our industry, and integrated design.

There is a clear continuum in the company’s history with the foundation stone of operations has been:

  • Leading expertise
  • Investing in development
  • Investing in IT

In software, the keyring is the maintenance management system of Granlund Manager . Energy-computing software and design-related database and computing applications also play an important role.

The cornerstone of Granlund 2020 strategy is internationalization, well-being and real estate users with a mission to create well-being in a built environment focusing on the well-being of people and real estate. Our 2020 strategy aims to be an international innovator that not only makes projects, but also develops the whole industry forward.