Digital Workspace

access to office PCs, internal apps from home


Allow business users to access office PCs, internal web-apps, client-server apps, email server, SSH servers, file servers, RDP servers & any other apps without exposing your internal network to external threats.

Secure any business application and make it available to all internal and external users, for access from any personal laptops, desktops or smartphones.

Instantly enable on-demand remote access to any number of users, working from anywhere using any device.

Scan end devices in real-time to check device health based on AV status, firewall status, OS patch updates etc. Allow only compliant devices to access internal corporate resources.

Control functions like printing, screen shot, desktop session recording, file saving and more by creating a secure sandbox. Also limit access to internet.

Monitor user productivity with per-user data points like log on time, log out time, and the time for which the user accessed each application.